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The Adventure of Fatherhood takes us along with a dad and his son as they explore the outdoors and focus on creating a better world.


I am incredibly excited to share this children's book with you and the world!  This piece of work has developed over the past 5 years as I have been on a mission to grow as a father and share all that I have learned with any dad who is on the same journey.  Take a look at what I have been up to and the foundation I have been building to make this new gift to the world possible.

The Adventure of Fatherhood Book

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  • Speaker, author, and father Ned W. Schaut has a passion for helping men embrace their roles as fathers, because the way they choose to live and attend to their father roles will impact their family’s legacy for generations. The Adventure of Fatherhood beautifully shares his vision through the journey of a man who becomes a father and teaches his son to believe in himself, help those who are less fortunate, and leave the world better than he found it. This is a wonderful gift book for fathers and children to enjoy together!

  • Welcome a man into his fatherhood role.

  • Honor a father who is choosing to love and serve his family.

  • Help fathers see who they are.

  • Connect Fathers to their children.

The Book's Mission


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The dadbox items were all great and useful, but knowing I had the support of another dad  meant the most to me.


The giftbox made me feel like someone actually cared about me on my new adventure.

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It was awesome to be welcomed into fatherhood by other Dads that I know and respect.

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The Adventure Begins

Every man is on a journey, the adventure of life.  Fatherhood may be the most meaningful and fulfilling part of our human experience.  Many times men stumble into their fatherhood role, this book is an invitation to embrace and enjoy it.

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The Full Story

The Adventure of Fatherhood was created out of a desire to make the world a better place.  Our world is in desperate need of healthy leadership.  We must look beyond our own lifetimes.  For the world to have peace, love, and joy in 1000 years we must start to build stability in our homes.  This starts with the father knowing who he is, then loving and serving his family each and every day.  This is his calling.

Ned Schaut is the father to five kiddos and husband to one wife, Sarah.  In 2015 Ned discovered that his primary role in life was to embrace the adventure of fatherhood.  Since that time he has continued to work on himself to become the father his family needs.  Along the way, he has been sharing what he learns with other men in the pursuit of mastering the craft of fatherhood.

To learn more about the fatherhood work Ned has done please visit his website Rebel & Create, watch his TedX Talk: "Fatherhood Can Change the World", or take a listen to the Rebel & Create Podcast.

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