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The AOF Daddy Daughter Book will be released at the...

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Why a Daddy Daughter Dance?

The Adventure of Fatherhood book was written for three reasons, to show a father who he is, to connect a father to his child, and to serve as a gift for a new dad.  The first AOF book was for a father and son.  The next book will be the same story of a man becoming a father, but the adventures he goes on will be with his daughter.

For the Father-Son book, we hosted an incredible night celebrating dads with awards at a brewery.  The night was epic and very moving...there were tears, laughter, and the men who were honored that night didn't know this was what we had planned.  They were deeply grateful.

The plan was to launch the Father-Daughter book 3 months later.  However, as a father with four daughters, I know the power and influence I have in their lives.  I have been to three Daddy-Daughter Dances with them, and they were magical moments.   I thought it would be great to host a dance to launch the book, I wanted to create the most magical moment possible.  Where else to do this but at Disneyland, the most magical place on the planet.  This moment would make YOU a true hero.

Imagine walking into a ballroom with your daughter, all dressed up.  To honor her, to celebrate her.  This night is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime moment.  We are going all out on this!  Our girls are worth it.

The goal is to create space for you to connect with your daughter in a way that will be remembered forever.

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Ned and AOF Team

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